Safe Solutions

In a single day, our servers collect more than 400 million datasets from all connected stores which are made available for the respective plant operators. The Wurm COM-CENTER (as a sequential logical system) connects the datasets reliably with the evaluation tools.

In view of the changeover of all Deutsche Telekom connections to Voice over IP (VoIP) and the termination of analog technology, the data exchange of many plants with Wurm technology has been provided successfully through safe VPN connections for a long time.

For convenient access to your datasets at any time, we run several redundant and certified servers with an uninterruptible power supply. Our own server farm in Remscheid is well protected by a multi-level security system.

    Our routing service – Advantages at a glance

    • Secure VPN connections between Wurm and plant operators for encrypted data transmission from and into the markets. 
    • With just one Wurm VPN connection you can reach thousands of markets.
    • Routing service for plant operators with 1:n VPN connection – Wurm provides all service and maintenance for your encrypted VPN connection with all of your service partners. Nothing for you to do any more if there is a new implementation or change of service partners – you will noticeably relieve your own IT team!
    • Simple and fast with “Plug & Play” – practical 1:1 router solution for markets where until now the connection to your plants has been established without a static IP address. (DSL connection or modem).
    • High safety level with the European router – no open port and thus no unauthorised access and no manipulation from outside.
    • Intelligent solution for old modem technology – Wurm is able to connect even old modem technology to new VPN solutions. LAN modem with serial connection converts old technology to LAN technology. 
    • Safe VPN connections in combination with multi-level password authorisations in our gateways provide the highest protection.