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Best quality by Wurm

Best quality by Wurm

Wurm Austria provides you with electric switchboards and control systems of high quality in the field of refrigeration and air conditioning technology for food retailing.
The concept and design of your plant are developed at our site in Pasching; the switch cabinets are produced at Wurm Schaltanlagenbau in Remscheid, Germany.
Software and hardware modules used derive from Wurm Systeme.


Before delivery, each switchboard undergoes quality control. The long-standing and tried and tested cooperation within the Wurm group ensures simplified and accelerated processes – particularly in case of changes in a project. Thus, we ensure fast and reliable realization of your project. You will receive high-quality and tested products on time and will benefit from high planning security.

  • Food retailing

Food retailing

The right solution for every store

The food retailing sector is characterized by a multitude of market types and sizes. 
Wurm produces suitable control cabinets of high quality for these different market types, corresponding to the respective requirements.


We will be pleased to consult you personally and individually for your specific project. Your special requests will also be fulfilled with high precision and in perfect quality – please don’t hesitate to contact us. 
Phone:  +43 (0) 7229 - 61948-0 
Or Email: office@wurmaustria.com




We provide compact and economical series solutions for standardised stores with areas of up to 1,000 m². 

Refrigeration plant and heat recovery form a harmonious unit for the entire market. 
Investment and efficiency in these projects are in a perfect balance.
Thorough planning at the beginning of a project creates the prerequisite for a smooth roll-out with short delivery times.   


Full range suppliers

Full range suppliers

For markets up to 2,500 m², we develop flexible model concepts that provide an optimal technical frame but also allow individual adjustments.

Size, location and region will be taken into account for the individual project. The basic concept will be complemented by relevant details



Large store areas are individual projects bigger than 3,000 m² with a dynamic development. We view these markets under construction as “living objects”.
High individuality requires a close connection to the project in order to be able to react quickly to short-term changes in planning – often by providing special solutions.

We have optimised our processes in such a manner that we can be flexible when constructing and wiring control cabinets. This enables us to deliver even control cabinets of complex single projects quickly and in best quality. 

Serial plants

Serial plants

Serial plants by Wurm are suitable, for example, for chain stores which have a multitude of equal plants with standardized requirements and only a few options for individual adjustment.
We can provide suitable solutions that fulfill the respective control tasks of these stores for almost all standard cases.

The advantage for the customer is that serial plants are available very quickly. As planning and construction are completely standardized, we can carry out even short-term orders rapidly.

Of course, our serial plants are of the same high quality as all products by Wurm. This has been proved after time in many years in the market. 

  • Control Cabinets with knowhow by Wurm

Control Cabinets with knowhow by Wurm

Best quality through competence by the Wurm group

The control cabinet is the core of any technical building systems. Tested by Wurm Schaltanlagenbau and produced in best quality and on time, planned in terms of concept and electrical engineering by Wurm Austria and equipped with high quality technology by Wurm Systeme, this control cabinet will give you everything you need for cost and energy-efficient control of your plant.



This is made possible by a general system control of ventilation, heating, air conditioning, lighting and energy recovery from ventilation and industrial cooling.
The integration of external plant components such as heat pumps, photovoltaics or geothermal energy also contributes to energy-efficient control.    

A control cabinet by Wurm will give you the best possible control strategy for your specific demands. By means of demand-oriented control you will be able to save operating costs and reduce the use of resources in order to protect the environment.


  • Small control systems

Small control systems

Simple control solutions for individual needs

If you should need a small control system for your plant, we are the right partner for you. With our own team for special productions and small control systems we can plan and produce individual and demand-oriented switch boxes. 

Of course, we provide comprehensive and competent consultation on issues of small control systems and custom-made products. Here, too, you can rely on an economical offer, on-schedule handling and the proven Wurm quality for the product(s) you have ordered.

Do not hesitate to contact us: 
By phone: +43 (0) 7229 - 61948-0 
or email: office@wurmaustria.com 


  • Energy measuring technology

Energy measuring technology

Exact measurements for optimised consumption

Control cabinets are usually in use for many years.  Large plants such as refrigeration plants, air conditioning or lighting, as a general rule, will be updated and newly equipped with essential parts at time intervals of 10 to 15 years.

However, continuous technological progress requires economically viable investments during these periods. For this purpose, Wurm provides smart upgrade packages that can be integrated easily into any control cabinet manufactured by Wurm Schaltanlagenbau. 
This uncomplicated solution is of particular interest for energy management, which is becoming increasingly important. 
Especially existing plants that have been in use for some years but still do not need a complete renewal often lack the technical prerequisites for efficient consumption recording and energy monitoring.
The upgrade package from Wurm is what is known as the energy box. It contains components for consumption recording and data transmission to a monitoring system. Depending on the design, the components EMG, PIC-6-XP or PIC-M-XP will be installed. A combination of these components is also possible.



Components for recording (e.g. transformer or pulse measuring devices) are implemented in existing plants and then connected with the energy box. Should the tenancy or ownership change later, the box can simply be moved to another object somewhere else. 
Apart from current measurement further channels for temperature measurement are available. For example, internal and external temperature can be recorded. To support the HACCP documentation we also provide a temperature-measuring box analogously to the energy box. The temperature-measuring box can be integrated just as comfortably into existing plants as the energy box. 
A combination of energy and temperature measuring is also possible. 

We would be glad to advise you personally on your specific project  - please do not hesitate to contact us: 
By phone: +43 (0) 7229 - 61948-0 
or email: office@wurmaustria.com 



  • Industry


Manufacturing for industry and logistics 

For industry and logistics sectors, we offer individual and serial production – corresponding to the requirements of a specific project.

For a logistics center this may be a switchboard for controlling a commercial refrigerating plant with deep freeze warehouse, normal refrigeration warehouse and cooled receiving department. 
Project-specific features can be considered when planning and producing – for example the control system of a refrigeration plant with a heat accumulator for a salt water defrost system. 
The elaboration of an efficient control concept will always be based on close cooperation with the customer. 

If you want to know more about the many possibilities of an SAB switchboard for industry and the logistics sector, we will be glad to hear from you. 
By phone: +43 (0) 7229 - 61948-0  
or email: office@wurmaustria.com 


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