Mobile solutions

Mobile working is standard practice these days. Of course, as a user of Wurm solutions you have a lot of ways to access relevant data even when you are on the road. This includes getting status information and changing settings of control methods as well. 

Among the key options are:

  • Frida App - our app Frida for mobile devices enables you to create and edit projects at any time and place. If needed you can analyse project data at the most granular level of detail and also modify adjustable values. In the crearly structured device tree, you can see all devices on the CAN-bus and navigate the set of parameters. Even huge sets of parameters will be presented clearly. Different types of connection in the plant ensure that the required information is displayed on your mobile device: On site in a project via BLE and mobile via Internet wherever you are. Thus, all plants that are reachable via data remote transmission can be selected in Frida according to your individual user rights.
  • FrigoDoc Xpress – our practice-oriented online application for HACCP-compliant temperature monitoring. You can overview all temperature data anywhere and at any time. A clear colour code indicates at a glance if your plant is in proper condition.
  • FRIGODATA MOBILE – as FRIGODATA ONLINE user you can use our service FRIGODATA MOBILE to access your plants even when you are on the move. Apart from monitoring of current values of all connected plants, you will benefit from the LIVE mode as is already the case in FRIGODATA ONLINE. Thus, you see the current status of your plant in real time. FRIGODATA MOBILE is also the fastest way for you to receive fault messages.
  • OneID – our app is the fastest way for you to access those Wurm applications that you use regularly. OneID binds your mobile device (e.g. your smartphone) to your unique user identity - just by tapping your fingertip on the respective icon. Thus, you avoid inconvenient log-in procedures with user name and password.
  • paperless info – our range of apps is continuously growing. With paperless info you always have all the important product information from our web-based customer info center at hand offline.