Products and solutions

Against the background of climate change and shortage of resources, energy efficiency and sustainability have long since been key themes in refrigeration and building technology. As experts for the automation of the management of refrigeration and building technology in the food retailing sector, we provide efficient system solutions for current challenges and future questions.

In an overall system, reliability and a wide range of functions of the control components are decisive. For each task area within the system Wurm offers the suitable instruments. Whether for the control of a single market with a conventional concept or for the management of a branch network – we are experienced in big networks and the resulting data. Large retail chains with more than 3,000 branches and service providers with more than 1,000 branches have been using our technology successfully for years.

We have a lot of experience with the coupling of plant components via bus systems with common protocols and have developed many different solutions to fulfil your needs. Considering the often short market cycles of components for electronic control devices, we always design our successor products to be downward compatible. If you want to implement our new developments in an older plant to improve its efficiency, we will help you by means of slight hardware changes and software updates.

Within our product range, our established and acknowledged product lines FRIGOLINK, FRIGOENTRY and UNIVERSAL XP play an important role. They are complemented by display devices, gateways, sensors and other equipment. With the FRIGODATA software line, you have the possibility to monitor, control and analyse your plant in real time via remote data transmission - independently of your location and platform.

Our solutions enable you to realize efficient automation of all tasks connected with your management of refrigeration and building technology. You can reduce your energy costs, save resources and generally optimise your ecological balance.